Who are we?


NDCO – is the acronym for…
National Disability Coordinator Officer


The Australian Government’s NDCO Program targets the barriers that people with disability face in successfully accessing and completing further education and training and subsequent employment.  If you are aged between 14-64 years of age and are an Australian citizen who has a disability, that is permanent or temporary, you are eligible.

A national network of NDCO’s works within 31 specific regions across Australia.  Our aim is to improve the coordination and delivery of support services and help find solutions to barriers that may stand in the way.  NDCO’S help make it easier to enrol or participate in post-school education & training as well as assisting to find employment.

Your NDCO is located in Region 21 covering the areas from the southern most part of the region in Hervey Bay through to Rockhampton in Central Queensland reaching west to Birdsville.

Take a look at the diagram at right for a quick overview of the NDCO role.



NDCO structure

NDCO’s working with you and/or your representative

NDCOs perform a range of functions to help people with disability gain access to and successfully complete further education and training, and successfully gain employment. NDCOs can provide practical assistance and advice to individuals with disability and their families, education and training providers.

NDCO’s Strategic (‘Big Picture’) focus

For the NDCO to be as effective as possible, establishing and maintaining partnerships and links with various stakeholders is essential.  The NDCO works collaboratively with stakeholders towards successful outcomes for people with disability and this may involve the NDCO being active on a range of committees to achieve the required goals.  The NDCO may be a member of these committees or may initiate a committee from an identified gap that may exist and work to find solutions.

“Closing the Gap”

The NDCO is working with Indigenous groups towards the “Closing the Gap” government initiative. It should be noted that the Rockhampton Local Government Area has an Indigenous population of 6.4% compared to 3.6% overall in Queensland.